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Darin De Paul can be heard in voice-overs for video games, animation and commercials. His work is well-known in the industry — most notably as Reinhardt in OVERWATCH, Ardyn Izunia in FINAL FANTASY XV, the irascible J. Jonah Jameson in SPIDERMAN, Revenant in APEX LEGENDS, Escharum in HALO INFINITE, and the Incredible Hulk in MARVEL'S AVENGERS. Darin has voiced zombies on THE WALKING DEAD, three of the Seven Deadly Sins in SHAZAM!, and has had recurring roles in THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA, WE BARE BEARS, 3BELOW, AMPHIBIA, and BIG CITY GREENS. 

Darin won two BTVA awards — for Breakout Actor (Video Game) and Best Supporting Actor (Video Game)


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Darin can be heard —

As HULK in MARVEL'S AVENGERS video game. Watch this facial capture session become a Marvel trailer!
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In this interview for the Team Coco podcast Good Game Nice Try
As J. Jonah Jameson in Spider Man PS4
"And honestly, the paranoid podcasts of J. Jonah Jameson that play while you soar are nearly worth the price of admission on their own."
As Reinhardt in the animated Overwatch short "Honor and Glory" — featured at BlizzCon.
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